Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Little Tyke's First Race!

Little Tyke's first race wasn't a mountain bike race.....and no it wasn't an adventure race either! It was a SNOWSHOE RACE! Yup, Little Tyke and I did a 5km snowshoe race in Big Bear. It was our first time on snowshoes and it was a blast! We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

Of course I had to get up super early in the morning so I could get the puking over with before driving up to Big Bear! But luckily Little Tyke allowed me the courtesy of feeling fine driving up the windy mountain road.

Although it was a race, Little Tyke wouldn't let me run. I had to keep my heart rate low so we walked the entire course.

It was fun seeing a bunch of fellow adventure racers and friends on the course.

We are all about trying new adventures through this entire pregnancy!

Little Tyke and I finished in just under 4 hours. Quite a while out on the course, but we spent some time assisting a couple of folks that needed help. All said and done, it was a great day in the mountains of SoCal!

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Dave Harris said...

Go Tyke Go!

Of course I can't comprehend any of this...but way to keep it going.