Monday, May 04, 2009

Sofia's First 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Sofia and I took a two hour drive up to the local mountains of Idyllwild to the 24 Hours of Adrenalin. Nope, I didn't race this time. I was there to DMS massage the racers.

My babysitter backed out at the last minute so I took Sofia with me and we made the best of it. Luckily Carl and Marless were there to help me for the first day and Christian was there to help the rest of the time. A few other friends came by our Feed The Machine/DMS Massage Booth and played with Sofia.

I came up with the ingenious idea of enclosing her in a blow-up kiddie swimming pool that had a canopy. I padded it with a cozy comforter and put all her toys in there and she was happy. It was only $25 at Target and it worked perfectly!

It got down to the low 30's at night so Sofia and I cozied up in my Honda Element. I took the back seats out, put all our blankets down and we slept together in the back. Every hour and half I turned on the heater for a few minutes to warm up the car and we stayed pretty cozy all through the night. (I know it's a box on wheels, but dang I love that car!)

And thanks to La Ruta Lou, Sofia had the PERFECT outfit! She was wearing her "stars & stripes" bike jersey and she looked adorable! Meanwhile, Mommy is still trying to fit back in her's! :)


JOY said...

That is awesome! If i had been up there, i would have come to play! I love kids at races!!! Seems like you enjoying life as a mom!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the whole write up especially what Sofia is up too