Monday, April 27, 2009

Taking Time to be a Mommy

I've been following a blog written by a friend of mine who took time off of adventure racing and ultra running to have a baby. I'm always interested to find out how other new moms are dealing with the effects of taking it easy through pregnancy and new-motherhood.

It's seems as though my friend and I have been going through similar emotions. We were excited and anxious to become pregnant and have our children even though it meant slowing down our intensely active lifestyles. All the while we were probably thinking that a couple of weeks after popping out the kids, we'd be back on the trails running and riding. Of course we knew we'd be slower and have to take a little time to get back in shape but I'm sure we didn't realize how much work it would be.

While reading her blog, I was amazed at how quickly she got back to running long distances and how she had some very ambitious race goals so soon after giving birth. Although I knew I had to keep my own pace, I was almost beating myself up for not keeping up with her post partum fitness levels.

I've been training as much as I can around working and taking care of Sofia, and a few times I've been plagued with some knee pain that I didn't have before. I'm pretty good about listening and understanding my body so I've attributed the pain to the changes my body made during pregnancy and also the extra weight I'm still carrying. Surprisingly I've been really good about taking it easy and not pushing myself too far to further any injury. Maybe it's because I'd rather spend more time with Sofia anyway, but whatever the reason it doesn't matter. At least I'm being patient about my return to pre-pregnancy ultra fitness levels.

It turns out that my friend now has some injuries in which she is attributing to post partum and is not able to fulfill her ambitious race goals. That news just assures me that listening to my body and taking my time with my return to pre-pregnancy fitness levels is something I must do in my own time.

Every week I have to plan a training schedule and try the best I can to adhere to it. Luckily adventure racing has made me very patient and flexible because having Sofia means that plans will always change.

I still have about 15 pounds I'd like to shed but I've finally accepted my current size and have bought clothes that fit. I've got a few races on my calendar including a 12 hour run (which I will walk) and a 12 hour mountain bike race. So maybe by Sofia's first birthday I will be back to where I want to be.

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LyndaW said...

Bernice you are right on track and doing great. FWIW it took me 2 years to get back to "where I was" fitnesswize post baby and my body never has entirely gone back...Life is darn good with the kinders in it!!