Thursday, May 21, 2009


No, I haven't taken up juggling (although some of you wouldn't be surprised if I said I had). I'm talking about the constant juggling of life, especially with a baby.

My juggling act requires me to constantly prepare bottles


My Little Ladybug is 8 months old already! Some days I get home and it seems like she grew longer in the few hours I was gone. She is a pretty good sleeper with 2 regular naps a day and nighttime hours from 7:30pm to 6am. She likes to baby talk and crawl around all day long. She's quite the busy body and wants to investigate every single little thing. She's been pulling herself up to her feet for a while now and I suspect she will be walking within the next month. She is a mover and a shaker and always wants to be on the go. (hmmm, I wonder where she gets that from?)


I finally feel like I can call it training now instead of just working out. I'm feeling more and more like my old self when I'm out on the mountain bike trails. A few months ago there were some dark moments when even the weekend warrior guys were kicking my butt up the climbs. But yesterday......well let's just say there were a few guys who were bummed when they couldn't hang with this 8 month postpartum mommy. :)

Running has become a necessary evil in my training program since it's relatively easy to take Sofia out on the trails by my house in the baby jogger. So when she starts to get grumpy around 9:41am, I quickly throw on my running attire, strap her into the baby jogger, and out the door we go. She immediately falls asleep. I get in a good run and she gets in a good nap.

Mother's Day
My first Mother's Day was special because I got to climb up a mountain and then go back home to a beautiful baby girl.

Tim (from The Alaska Experiment), his friend Kim, Carl & his wife Marlyce & me on Mt. Baldy

I made some sunflowers for the special ladies in my life. I also have a cupcake website going now too. Check it out......Clickity Click!

Race or Work?
I was planning on running (walking) the 24 hours of Nanny Goat this weekend but plans have changed. I've got my real estate license exam on Thursday so it makes better sense for me to study and get that done. Back in my care-free selfish days, I would have raced, however this is one step closer in my quest to finally settling on a career. Plus Sofia's grandparents are coming from Texas and they can't wait to spend more time with us (her).

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