Sunday, January 18, 2009

Training With Senorita Sofia

I've finally lost enough weight to be able to jog without my knees aching (or without my belly bouncing...yuck!) I like to take Senorita Sofia out to enjoy the lovely SoCal weather so I put her in the baby jogger and off we go. Our jogging loop follows the trails near our home. It includes 4 short but steep hills and it takes us 55 minutes.

Although Sofia is big and tall for a 4 month old, she is still a little small for the jogger. My adventure racing teammate Christian made us an "insert" to put inside so that Sofia can be supported. Little Lady seems to really enjoy the ride. She gets very calm when we start out and then of course she falls asleep about half way through.

I always used to hate jogging, and in my adventure racing days, I would have to force myself to go. But with Sofia, I'm actually enjoying it. Could it be because I'm running with a buddy who doesn't care how hard I'm breathing? Is it because I can jog really slowly without anyone else thinking I'm a wimp?...I mean since I AM pushing an extra 25 pounds. Or is it because I'm so happy to be sharing the beauty of the outdoors with my Little Lady? I think it's all of the above.

I've also been able to spend a little more time on the bike. During the week, I'm up at the crack of dawn riding my trainer for 45 minutes. On the weekends, I get in some longer road and mountain bike rides. Having goals is very important and motivating for me so I'm currently preparing for my first mountain bike race since pregnancy.

By The Numbers

4 Months since I gave birth to Sofia

5 Hours I rode my bikes this weekend (most I've done in 1 year)

24 Pounds I still want to shed

6 Days until my first mountain bike race since pregnancy

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Anonymous said...

Bernice! You are looking great and it was good to see you at Temecula. Keep up the awesome stuff and I'm sure we'll see more of each other this year, than last!