Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chubby Chatter; Week 36 of 40

The last few weeks I've been very lazy about blogging. Especially since I didn't think anyone was still reading this blog since it had very little to do with suicidal adventures in foreign lands and more to do with my ever expanding belly. But then I received an email from my aunt in Texas who asked why I hadn't updated it in a while. Well, at least my family still reads it so I guess I better post something!

For the last 36 weeks, I have been very busy building a baby. And for those who don't know the feeling, this sort of construction requires A LOT OF REST! So I thank God for my DVR and all the great sports that have been on television! The Tour of California got me through a really rough first trimester of morning sickness. The Tour de France got me through the peak racing time while all my friends were out competing and I was at home resting. And now the Beijing Olympics are getting me through the "home stretch!"

My friends are also entertaining me via the internet while I'm on hiatus. Dave & Lynda are racing fools and just finished strong at the Trans Rockies. Fuzzy lives to mountain bike race and currently races to live. It seems like Christian and Melissa are doing adventure races every weekend! Lou is my kind of adventurous woman! And I'm living vicariously through Caroline's 24 hour solos and Mario's 12 & 24 hour duo races.

But don't get me wrong, I've been reading a lot too. I've read so much about birthing that I could do it right here at home by myself if I had to (oh shoot, I hope I didn't just jinx myself!) Anyhow, during this period of my own physical inactivity, I've been entertained and motivated by exceptional athletes, all from the comfort and safety of my own couch.
Little did I know when I named my blog "WHO NEEDS SLEEP?" that it would apply to my final couple of months of pregnancy. Everyone says, "sleep now while you can before the baby arrives because then you will be getting NO sleep!" Hell, I haven't slept well for the last 36 weeks and it's only getting worse.
~I can't sleep on my back or stomach because it's bad for Little Tyke.
~There isn't enough room for me and my 100 pillows on the bed.
~Even with 100 pillows, I can't get my extra 50 pounds in a comfortable position so that my back won't hurt.
~I'm too hot!
~I have to get up to pee a few times. And getting myself up is a major task that requires a lot of strategic positioning and grunting.
~Sometimes I need a 3am snack.
~I have MAJOR INSOMNIA! (If anyone else is up every morning from 3-5am PST, I'm available to chat.)
Swimming is great! After watching hours and hours of Dara Torres, Natalie Coughlin, and Michael Phelps, I think my swim stroke has improved. Well, okay, maybe my doggie paddle is getting better but whatever. I've been spending lots of time in the pool because that's where I feel best and I think LT is really getting into it also. Maybe all this swimming is producing a little swimmer inside me? Sure feels like s/he's in there doing the breast stroke sometimes.
I don't have my overnight bag for the hospital packed yet, but at least the car seat is in place. Of course we had to really read the instructions and figure the thing out, but it seems to be a really good one (according to Consumer Reports) and very easy to manage.
My pregnancy progression in pictures...

Just found out! 3 weeks pregnant

17 weeks and already wearing maternity pants. (Probably because all my other jeans had absolutely no room to spare!)

Between 17 and 21 weeks I grew quite a bit.

22.5 weeks

28.5 weeks

29.5 weeks

30.5 weeks

36 weeks now but I went to the doc and she measured my belly as a 37.5 week belly! Yikes! I guess that means it's gonna be a big one! We're hoping that just means it's long. The ultrasound tech measured it's femur and said it has long legs.


Karen / ikss said...

Well, I am not a relative and you don't even know who the heck I am, but I read your blog as well. And I appreciate the update! :) Good luck!!!

Christina said...

The Progression photos are Amazing! Wow, good to see your doing well! Oh I to read your blog, the racing stuff is so entertaining and inspiring.

I finally bought a new road bike and started to riding it to work and on the weekends, my legs were extremely sore but now they're okay. Sorry I couldn't make it to the baby shower, but hopefully we'll get to visit sometime soon.

Take care!


Lucas said...

I think that everyone is still reading! Hang in there!

The German said...

Fantastic update !

Best of luck to you, Greg and LT for the remaining few weeks up cause you will need it :-)

I am sure you will been on the bike complete with a trailer attached.

Hope you caught some of my fellow scotsman Chris Hoy winning golds in the track events during the Olympics !

Take good care and I look forward to the next update.

Cheers fir noo ...

Alison The Weegie said...

I'm not a relative either and I live in Glasgow UK!! The Alaska experiment was aired on UK TV and finished a few weeks ago. I have been keeping up with your blog ever since. Can't wait to hear how it all goes!! Good luck!