Wednesday, July 30, 2008

33 weeks of 40...and counting!

I used to think that pregnant women who waddled were over-exaggerating. Like you see in all the TV shows, there are the stereotypical pregnant women waddling around and leaning back like they're doing the limbo just to sit down. Well I must admit, that is now me and I can't do a thing about it. I think most of the waddling is due to the constant pain in my hip flexors. It feels as if I've been stricken with the worst arthritis. I guess it just means my body is releasing the hormone called relaxin and is getting ready for the birth, but it makes me feel that much wider. It's hard to walk, hard to get into the car, hard to get out of a chair, hard to put on pants, and hard to roll over in bed! The only time I'm truly comfortable is when I'm in the swimming pool. (However walking to and from the pool sucks! It's like, "Excuse me,,,yes, Shamu is coming through. I know, I know, my belly is popping out of my suit but don't worry I still have 7 weeks to go! I just need to get in the water and take this extra 42 pounds off my back and feet.")

What's going on inside with Little Tyke

All of LT's organs are now developed and some are functioning already just as they will after the birth. Rapid brain growth has increased Little Tyke's head size this week. More and more fat is forming so LT's skin is becoming a rosy color. I had my final ultrasound to check on LT's growth. He/She looks to be about 5 pounds and 17 inches long and his/her feet are about 6.9cm. The tech measured LT's femur and commented on his/her long legs! For the next four weeks LT will gain up to a couple of ounces a day and the Doc says LT is on his/her way to being an 8 pound baby!

I know that LT is already head down and is very low in my belly. It seems to me that LT is just as anxious to get out as I am to release him/her. But we still have about 7 weeks to go and LT needs that time to keep growing. I love feeling him/her move around inside. Sometimes LT kicks me so hard that I jump and let out a small yelp, but mostly now they are slow movements as if he/she is stretching. Sometimes Greg and I even push back on his/her foot or arm and play with him/her. And I can definitely tell when LT has the hiccups!

We had another great baby shower and now Little Tyke officially has more gear and clothing than Mommy! Yup, it's true. I've been forced to start selling all my superfluous adventure gear to make room for all of LT's stuff!

Julie had a very cute cake made for us. Going along with the Alaska Experiment theme, there is our cabin, a baby with a chocolate backpack climbing a mountain, and the quote, "The real adventure is about to begin." Isn't that true!?!?

My Aunt Irene & Uncle Sid came from Texas to help with the party and vacation in Cali! Pictured here with friends Kirsten and Dave.

About 60 people came through the party to enjoy the great food that Pam, Winsome and Betina made!

And of course there was music and dancing involved. These guys were great! They played Jimmy Buffet, Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley and much more!

Even our Alaska Experiment producer Brian Catalina and his family showed up for the festivities!

Christian Burke and Bill McBlaine joined Greg in the baby changing contest. Although Christian had lots of previous experience with his own child, he was still caught off guard with the "special mixture" that was smeared on the diaper! But he won the contest and left with a super cool prize!

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