Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Week 29 of 40 and growing...

My "weekly pregnancy e-mail tips" suggest I learn to "power nap" during the day. They say I should practice how to nap because I will need one almost every time I put the baby down. And making the most of naps can minimize fatigue and keep me well-rested and feeling great. Hmmmm, sounds familiar! FINALLY!!,,,SOMETHING BABY RELATED THAT I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO DO! I've spent the last 6 years perfecting power naps during multi-day adventure races and have even been known to catch a few ZZZZZZ's while on my mountain bike (not recommended). So bring it on Little Tyke!! Let's nap away!

They say Little Tyke is now about 15.5 inches from head to heel and weighs about 2.7 pounds. LT continues to be active and grow. In fact there are times when I think LT is having a raging party inside my belly! Sometimes I can see my belly moving all over the place and it is wild!

LT's head is now in proportion to the rest of the body. Fat continues to accumulate under the skin. The brain can control breathing and the eyes can move in the sockets. LT is regulating his/her own temperature and the bone marrow is completely in charge of red blood cell production. LT is even urinating about a half liter of urine into the amniotic fluid everyday! He/she is becoming sensitive to light, sound, taste and smell and is very busy getting ready for the birthday!

Greg listening for LT's heartbeat

The discomforts of pregnancy are definitely getting to me. I know I'm supposed to be cherishing this time however, I know I will be more than ready to pop LT out and get my body back.
Things I look forward to:
Sleeping on my belly, my back & twisting and turning as I want
Eating anything I want with out aversions and/or restrictions (I miss sushi!)
Real workouts
Not feeling like my belly is about to explode
Getting up to walk without hip flexor pain
Wearing my regular clothes

I've started preparing my birth plan. Just like a 24 hour solo mountain bike race, I cannot predict exactly what is going to happen during the event, but it will be great for me to have a written plan of attack to share with my "support crew" (AKA: doctors, nurses & Greg.) The plan is a list of options that Greg and I prefer for the birth experience including pain medication, music, cord cutting, etc. I'll get back to you with more details on the plan when we have it all worked out.

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LyndaW said...

You are glowing and radiant pregnant lady!

Being pregnant is the pits. I still don't look back on it fondly. Tho it is really cool to feel the baby wiggling around. Wesley would get hiccups.