Wednesday, April 28, 2010

San Gabriel 12 Hour Adventure Race

Shayne was laid up with a broken thumb and Sebas was busy with work so Ross and I did the San Gabriel 12 hour race together. We started with a paddle on really flat water but about an hour into the race the winds picked up and we felt like we were paddling on an ocean. It was a tough few hours on the boat but we did well together. We had a couple of little nav issues, but only lost a few minutes.
After the paddle, we mountain biked on the gnarliest, rockiest trail I've ever ridden. It was so rocky and technical that we could never relax on the bike. After a couple of hours and a couple of falls, we made it to the Georgetown park. We went on a 6 mile trek around town taking photos of a list of things on our race rules. Unfortunately we didn't bring our trekking shoes so it was tough on my feet to run around in my bike shoes.
We got back on the bikes and had to ride all the way back that gnarly trail. That was tough.
We then went on the final trek and did well until the second to the last checkpoint. It had gotten dark and we failed to find the CP even though we were literally right on top of it. It was hidden under some overhanging rocks below the trail.
All in all we got in a really great workout and had fun racing with each other.

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