Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Sofia's first Independence Day! We loaded her up in the bike trailer for the first time and rode the wild streets of Huntington Beach!

Greg riding the Santa Ana River trail towards Huntington Beach on his big cruiser with Sofia in tow.

Mommy's "cruiser" is a Singlespeed Niner! :)

Sofia likes the ride!

4th of July in Huntington Beach! Bikes, bikes and more bikes!

We hopped off the bikes for a little while to enjoy the parade.

Sofia got a bird's eye view!

Jax Bicycle Shop parking lot on Main Street Huntington Beach. Downtown roads are closed for the parade and the bikers.

Sofia's first time at the beach. We couldn't stay too long because she just wanted to eat the sand.

Sofia's first dip in the ocean. The water was only about 61 degrees so it was a quick dip.

Daddy & Sofia riding under Huntington Beach Pier

Sofia had a busy 4th of July. She was worked!

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