Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back home to my country...


Lisa has been my friend since 7th grade. We played volleyball and basketball together through junior high and high school. Now we are both pregnant with our first child at the same time. She's due to have her baby girl in a few weeks!

Almost thirteen weeks into my pregnancy and I'm still suffering from "all day sickness!" But little did I realize that my "mile high club" would have nothing to do with copulation and everything to do with regurgitation!

Picture this:

Princesa Pukes-a-lot in the window seat on a full airplane.
TURBULENCE as soon as we hit the air.
Fifteen rows from the potty, clutching on to a tiny little barf bag, and turning green.
Two big guys blocking my way to the aisle. One with his laptop, bucket of popcorn, peanut m&m's and a big Coke (not really but he might as well have been), fully enjoying his DVD.

I excuse myself to the back of the plane to stand by the lavatory just in case.
"Fasten seat belts" signs light up.
Flight attendant asks me to sit down.
I look at her with the face of..."Are you freaking kidding me???...If I go sit down, I'm gonna 'toss my cookies' into my neighbor's popcorn, then he will heave, and like dominoes each and every passenger will spew.......and YOU will be the one cleaning it all up!!!!"
...So she tells me to sit in the restroom and HOLD ON.

A few minutes later she comes back and apologizes for locking me in the can.
I explain to her that, unlike the drunk hooligans in row 12, Little Tyke is in fact the cause of my nausea.

And then I do what any normal, first trimester, prego lady would do: I beg her to let me keep my position on the throne!
She brings me a ginger ale, a cold towel, and larger barf bag for my convenience. What a nice lady!

And I get "preferred potty seating" for the entire 2.5 hour flight!

My Tia Vira "calling long distance!"

Dad wanted to introduce himself as well.

Cousin Ezy saying hi to the Little Tyke.


Anonymous said...

Hey if you had fainted as well it would have sounded like one of my sort of flights!! Oh dear poor you, talk soon chica. Miss Gilly

Brad Mullen said...

Glad I'm not a girl. I just about puked reading this :-(