Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Atomic Blue BOMBSHELLy

Back in April, my great friend Andy Lightle let me try his Niner SingleSpeed and ooohh dear me,,, did I fall in love! A week later, Chris and Ryan from Niner were kind enough to let me borrow a fully rigid S.I.R. 9 and I raced it at Sea Otter. Since that day, I'd been craving my own Niner SS and today she rolled into my life!

Here she is, my Niner ONE 9 SingleSpeed.....name: BOMBSHELLy!

I was lucky enough to secure the only existing Atomic Blue ONE 9 frame from Niner so she's a one of a kind! She still needs a few of my choice accessories such as my ERGON GRIPS and my Crankbrothers pedals, but I already took her on her maiden voyage and she is grand!

This is bike #5 in the garage! I never thought I'd be one of those folks who has a bike for every day of the week! But alas, I've become obsessed. Regular riders have one,,,maybe two mountain bikes. Serious riders have a hard-tail, a full-suspension, and maybe a downhill or another full-suspension. Mountain bike racers have the hard-tail, the full-suspension training bike, the full-suspension racing bike, and a road bike with a power meter for training. Obsessed bikers have all of the previously mentioned PLUS the SINGLESPEED. Any more than 5 bikes and you're just a down right nutty hardcore mtbiker,,,,,...not that there's anything wrong with that!

New music on my Ipod to go with the new ride:

Jane's Addiction; Been Caught Stealing
Tim McGraw; Live Like You Were Dying
Papa Roach; Last Resort
Fatboy Slim; Wonderful Night
The Crystal Method; Keep Hope Alive


Lucas said...

Freaking Sweet! You're so stoked! Ride her well!

dirtybiker said...

welcome to the world of one speed.
you might as well start selling all of your geared bikes now


(F U guy )

Jeff Kerkove said...

grips are shipped!

LyndaW said...

That is a beautiful color. Don't ya love bikes :-)