Friday, September 15, 2006

Ich moeschte schokolade

I was invited to be a journalist at The Raid World Championships of adventure racing in Quebec, Canada from September 9-15, 2006. You can find my race reports on

It was quite interesting seeing a race from a journalist's point of view as opposed to a racer's. But I must admit that for now, I would prefer racing. I have a greater appreciation for what the journalists do during a race. It's definitely not all fun, games and a free trip. It is work. And I appreciate them for promoting the sport I love.

I was so lucky to have met some wonderful people to share the experience with. We spent an entire 7 days together in a van, on the course, in hotels; waiting, writing, eating, practicing German, waiting, eating, laughing, was great!

The family... Sascha Jurek: German writing for ; Bernice: American racer/journalist writing for; Susan McKenzie: Canadian writing for and reporting for Canadian radio; Arnd Hemmersbach German photographer

Although it was work, we did have some time for fun...

I took my very first helicopter ride on the first day of the race. They flew us over the racers while they were kayaking down river. It was absolutely incredible!

Sascha Jurek and Bern ready to take flight.

The organization also sent us whale watching! We saw a bunch of fin whales, humpbacks, and belugas. The tour operator said we were lucky to have such a great day with lots of whales.

Watching the finish of The Raid and listening to Isaac Wilson of Team GoLite give an interview reminded me why I love adventure racing...but don't ask me to explain!

Bern on the ferry leaving the Saguenay region of Quebec, Canada.

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